Whole Grain Linguini with Chicken, Tomatoes and Green Beans

Whole Grain Pasta with Chicken, Tomatoes and Green Beans

Do you ever find yourself craving a big plate of pasta? Or maybe you just want to cook up something quick, but you don’t want to sacrifice quick for unhealthy? Here is a healthier option for a pasta dish. I used whole grain linguine instead of the white version for added nutrients and fiber. I […]

Asparagus, spinach and cherry tomato salad

Baby Spinach, Cherry Tomato and Asparagus Salad

Making the same old lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad over and over again can get boring really easily. Here is a delicious salad that features a vegetable that is rarely enjoy in a salad : asparagus. This baby spinach, cherry tomato and asparagus salad is bold and zesty. Serve it as a side dish along […]

Sweet potatoes with baby spinach and chicken

Baked Sweet Potatoes with Baby Spinach and Chicken

Only recently have sweet potatoes become part of my diet. I have tried them before and I liked the texture and taste, but somehow, I had only occasionally included them in my diet in the past. It’s really a shame, because sweet potatoes are a great source of complex carbohydrates. Since I made this recipe […]

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What Is The Best Cardio For Beginners?

Many of my beginner clients ask me questions about what cardio to do, for how long to do it or what is the best machine. I get questions like : What is the best cardio for beginners like me? What is the best cardio to lose fat? Should I exercise on the treadmill or the elliptical? […]

sit-ups will not get you flat abs

Why Doing More Sit-ups Will Not Get You Flat Abs

The other day after my workout, I was in the women’s changing room and I overheard a lady telling her friend: “I need to start doing more sit-ups, I really need to get rid of my tummy” while gently slapping her belly fat. Her friend nodded in approval and then said she was going to […]

benefits of weight training for women

The Benefits of Weight Training for Women

When going to the gym, do you just run off to the nearest treadmill, because it’s just easier for you to do that and it’s in your comfort zone or because this is what you THINK you are supposed to do? Are you tired of spending countless hours at the gym, sweating your ass off […]

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healthy food guide

Healthy Food Guide

Getting in the best shape of your life requires hard work, patience, discipline and sacrifice. However, the effort you put into living a healthy life and getting fit must continue after you step out of the gym. Remember, you cannot out train a bad diet. You have probably heard that a healthy diet should include lean […]

protein source

Healthy Protein Sources

Following my post Are You Getting Enough Protein ? I wanted to give you some examples of protein sources you could incorporate in your diet. You can also check out my Recipes category for examples of quick and healthy protein-packed delicious meals I like to incorporate in my diet. Animal Based Protein Source Fish and Seafood […]

protein sources

Are You Getting Enough Protein?

Protein Plays a Vital Role Eating enough protein is a vital for your body, because protein plays a role in every cell of your body. Your body uses protein to make enzymes, antibodies, hormones and other body chemicals. Protein is also an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, hair, teeth and blood.  Proteins […]

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